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Full-Service Marketing

from a single source.

As part of our agency services, we offer both analogue and digital services from all areas and for all industries. Years of experience with a wide variety of industries and services are the basis of our expertise.

Our services in detail

Brand design & strategy

We look after brands from the start – this includes a basic set of logo, brand message, CI guidelines.

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Every brand and company needs a design and a strategy. We develop them for you: from the logo to the definition of fonts and colors, claims and sublines to the brand message, and finally we also create your corporate identity guideline with all information about your company, your brand, corporate design and Brand alignment and much more. We would also be happy to advise you on registering your trademark in the European trademark register and take over the administrative process of registration for you.

Social Media Management

We develop your individual social media strategy according to your specifications. From the editorial plan to the content.

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Social media and community management are 2 building blocks of our social media offer: both are separate departments, it shouldn’t just be “posted off”. We work according to the principle of first developing a strategy and then implementing it, because what is once on the Internet can no longer be deleted so easily. Social media management encompasses the strategic communication of a company or a brand in social media. This includes the design, creation of content, coordination, control and evaluation of pages in social media. Community management, on the other hand, represents the link between the appearances of companies / brands in social media, the site operator, and the user. It includes directing and leading the community and thus actively communicating with users.

Graphics, design & printing

We create graphics, print products and digital brochures of all kinds, from the layout to the final artwork to the end product.

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We design every form of information and advertising material, from business cards to out-of-home advertising on well-placed megalights. We can create all forms of advertising media and make them available in both analog, printed and digital versions. Even special colors or designs and shapes are no problem for us. Of course, we create individual offers, depending on the medium, design and desired quantities.

Websites & Shops

We plan and program websites, microsites and web shops. We also take care of the registration of the URL and the hosting for you.

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Websites, landing pages, microsites, web shops, blogs: all of these online presences can be created with the help of different programming or content management systems. Many hosting providers provide their own tools so that in principle anyone can create their own homepage with just a few clicks. Companies are often faced with the challenge of needing certain content and connections to systems for their online presence, and that goes far beyond the free solutions. We offer websites based on a wide variety of programming languages, for small business owners and associations through to medium-sized companies.

Magazines & Newspapers

We create magazines, develop city marketing concepts and advertising newspapers for every need.

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City marketing is out? Advertising magazines are not worthwhile? We wouldn’t say that like that. Event magazines for municipalities and cities with relevant information about cultural events, events and dates are still a popular advertising medium, even in times of apps and Co. Companies from the region can present themselves and their products and services, clubs and cultural institutions have their space, and coupons for trial offers are popular anytime, anywhere.


We write newsletters, write advertising emails, create specific landing pages for exceptional advertising measures.

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The further development of your best seller is finally finished? Would you like to communicate this directly to your existing customers? Or your webshop has been revised and you would like to inform all registered and known users of this? Do you have an offer that requires explanation and want to present it on your own landing page? An email campaign can go a long way without people perceiving it as annoying or bulk mail.

Contents, PR & Stories

We create content, write texts, set up press releases and take care of the external presentation of your brand.

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Press work is still an important part of marketing today, maybe even more important than ever. Good PR, sensible storytelling and clear and verifiable content can be used to present innovations, points of view and brands. They can be given a “face” and people can be supported in forming an image. Well-founded content and explanatory stories can also represent backgrounds and additional benefits for customers, so they are of immense importance not only in the context of PR, but also for advertising materials such as flyers, brochures, but also for social media and company websites. Of course, we also create PR and media distribution lists as well as clipping reports. 



Regardless of whether it is a classic ad or digital advertising on Google, Bing and Co., we will design and place your advertising as you wish.

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We design graphic ads, but also create word and image ads in search engines and on websites with the help of Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and many other platforms, whether analog or digital. We attach particular importance to good rankings, negotiated discounts and possible side effects, such as free PR reporting. Of course, we also make storyboards for radio or cinema commercials.


We do analyzes, use Google Trends, Brandwatch and much more to find out what people know and talk about your brand.

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Every company should know what people know and report about their brands, products and services. It is all the more important to be informed about the background and rumors that are circulating about your own portfolio. We create appropriate analyzes and use many tools available to find exactly this information and compile it for you.


We monitor all active channels such as websites, review portals and social media appearances and react accordingly.

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The monitoring of online presences, regardless of the type of publication via website, business entries or social media, is a big topic and is becoming more and more important. What does a company do if its main product only gets bad reviews from users on Google or Amazon? What happens if negative comments are repeatedly published in the social media channels? React and take countermeasures! However, this can only succeed if this information is also known in the company. And it is precisely for this reason that we offer such monitoring.

Events, trade fairs & merchandising

We create concepts, schedules, exhibition stands, individual gifts and everything that goes with the perfect appearance.

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Are you planning to take part in a trade fair? Would you like give-aways for your employees for your company anniversary or small Christmas presents? Are you looking for small advertising material that you can give to interested people at the next event? We develop ideas and possibilities, obtain offers and provide you with all the materials you need on time.

Individualized tasks

Are you looking for a partner who can take on a special project? Ask about our project management solutions.

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What does a wrestling ring do in the middle of Cologne’s pedestrian zone? Why is a giant shark swimming in the Rhine? Guerrilla marketing is the keyword here. An unusual exhibition in the company’s foyer? A matinee in the workshop area? We are always available for such and many other projects. Thanks to our large network, we can do almost anything – anywhere.

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