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If search engines only focus on crawling mobile views, they must work better than has been the case with many companies up to now. Since the beginning of 2021, the following applies to Google: Pages that do not have a mobile version / variant (so-called “Mobile-Only-Index”) are removed from the index. The Core Web Vitals must therefore be optimized. The responsiveness of a website is becoming more and more important, it has to work on every device and be adapted accordingly.

The speed and experience a user should have on a website are also of immense importance. Who wants to wait 2-3 minutes for a website to open? Many get out of the site after more than 30 seconds of loading time. Websites only have an effect if they are created with passion and the necessary degree of feeling for the wishes of the target groups. The clear motto is: less is more! Better a single page, ad or video clip than hundreds of uninteresting landing pages.

The authenticity of companies and their advertising claims will be questioned significantly more. Consumers will value sustainability and the conscious use of resources. The “why” of a company or product is more a success factor and a central component in the marketing strategy. You should therefore ask yourself important questions: Is the product / service good enough to keep up with the competition? Is the user experience with the website state of the art in the industry? Is the brand noticed in the industry?

Making websites faster, more attractive, easier to understand and easier to use will therefore become more and more important.