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Screen paper

Do you have a customer magazine or a catalogue and would like to display it digitally? No problem, we’ll do it!

Page Speed, Page Experience and Responsiveness

Page speed, mobile capabilities, and user experience are probably the most important things to consider when it comes to a website. Because they are the great competitive advantage.

Cookieless Future

So-called third-party cookies have been blocked since 2020, by Safari, and some of the other browsers are threatened with extinction in 2022. It works without 3rd party cookies!

Chatbots in customer service

Chatbots are part of dialogue marketing and software that is based on and interacts with artificial intelligence. You can support and massively improve customer service.


Traditional sales methods are dying out and a new generation of consumers is just doing things differently. Storytelling can be a helpful means to an end here.

Local SEO

If you have a local business, you should also find it in the local search results, because appearing locally in the results is now a living wage.