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When visiting a website, the user must first close the cookie banner. The EU Commission is now planning measures to combat this practice, which is perceived as annoying. Its aim is to put an end to the continuous collection of consent for the use of cookies by website users. Didier Reynders, the EU Justice Commissioner responsible, explained that consumers should, for example, only be asked again whether they are willing to accept cookies one year after the last request. The basis for this should be a voluntary commitment by large internet platforms such as Meta, Apple, Amazon or TikTok to accept new rules on the use of cookies.

Reynders emphasised: “The processing of personal data using cookies is not permitted by law without the express consent of the user. However, this does not mean that surfing the web should ultimately become a nuisance.” One of the aims of his initiative is to counteract the increasing “cookie fatigue” of online users.

According to information from the Brussels Commission, the constant query as to whether a consumer accepts cookies or not means that users often automatically give their consent without knowing exactly what they are doing.