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Seth Godin – one of the writers in marketing – once said:

“Marketing is no longer about the products we sell, but about the stories we tell.”

Why is storytelling important?

Traditional sales methods are dying out and a new generation of consumers is just doing things differently. Conventional forms of advertising and sensational sales no longer work. Most consumers simply ignore intrusive marketing. It is much more important to them to acquire knowledge about the company, the brand or the product, to know the background, to build a bond and to get customer-oriented content. And that’s exactly what storytelling is.

Why does storytelling work?

It has been proven that humans store 70 percent of the information that is conveyed to him / her through stories, while only ten percent of the content of data and statistics remains in the memory. Do you still remember the stories from your childhood? And that’s exactly where storytelling comes in: sharing moments and experiences with the target group with the help of stories, writing sequels, explaining things that can be passed on.

How does storytelling work and what elements are there?

Storytelling is based on different strategies: humanity, simplicity, universality, hero characters, longings and much more. After all, a “story” is a story.